Monday, October 6, 2008

The quiet of His presence.

Yesterday in Spark (children's church for those not attending CLC) was the first time since I started this fast that I felt God's tangible presence. I know He's around, I know He's working, I know He's speaking, but yesterday during worship I sensed it personally. It ws during worship, the kids were gathered at the altar and I had finished praying with the child in front of me. They walked away and I just sat there, those little voices either singing or praying for the person next to them. The song that was playing was "At the Foot of the Cross", the lyrics to the chorus just absolutely jumped out at me, "I'll trade these ashes in for beauty," it was then that I felt it.

I just sat there, hands out stretched, singing quietly, thinking there is no place in the world I would rather be. There were 30 or so kids praying and singing around me and I just pictured the joy that God felt at that moment, not with me and my fast, but with the fact that whatever way worship was being brought, singing, praying, sitting, conversation, or fasting, that aroma pleased God. It doesn't matter how we worship, as long as worship. We must find that expression that causes us to connect with God and do it. It will change from time to time, and that's good, it needs to change to stay fresh. God deserves better than the same old sacrifice, it must be fresh.

What is your "fresh" sacrifice to Him?

Day 6 of 21.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The start of something special!

Something begins today that I have planned and waited on for months. I made the decision back in May that I would go through a fast the month before our baby boy is born. I chose to do a "Daniel" fast. This fast is based on the fast that Daniel did in the book of Daniel 10:2,3. It states that Daniel deprived himself of any "pleasant" thing to eat for 21 days. The fast consists of only eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and only natural things. You cannot have meat, dairy, sugars, white flour, and anything that has preservatives. The verse also states that he did not bath for 21 days, but I'm not sure anyone in my life would be thrilled with that.

I decided to start this blog for several reasons.

1. I want accountability.

2. I want to share what God speaks to me and does in my life during this time.

3. To encourage people to join me. In this day and age, we are looking for the quick bailout, a miracle fix. A fast with a set start and end date, will focus an individual to wait and allow God to work in the areas of ones that need to be worked on the most.

I am excited to get started and share with you all that I experience over the next 21 days. My desire is to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared to be the best father I can be.

Talk to you tomorrow.